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Who are we?


The participants of the project are four schools from Catalonia, Italy, Lithuania and Czech Republic: INS Ronda (Lleida), Istituto Superiore Gentilleschi (Naples), leliunai Basic School (Utena) and Stredni Odborna Skola (Luhacovice).


Our students are aged between 12 and 20 years old. Schools are very different in our team: there are primary and secondary schools and professional training schools too.


What we want to do?


Together with our students, we want to work about these styles, songs, authors, social and historical backgrounds and lyrics which have been very important for our identity and at the same time we want to know those which have been decisive for other European peoples and nationalities. 

 INS Ronda
Istituto Superiore Gentilleschi
Leliunai Basic
Stredni Odborna

The project


It is quite obvious that music has often been considered as a basic tool for the consolidation and broadcasting of peoples identities. And this can still be seen in a clearer way in the case of nationalities with minority languages. 


Music may become a powerful means agglutinating feelings around which different generations of people have grown up. It is also clear that there are songs which identify a whole generation and which have become a sort of banner or icon, a benchmark which lasts through different periods of time. 

From this point of view, music and language make up an inseparable couple. And it is about this binomial, about which we want to work. 



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What subjects are involved in the project?


We’d like to carry out a wide Project, a Project which is mainly focused on music but which can also be approached from many other areas such as language, history, philosophy, foreign languages (English, German, French…), arts, technology, computer science and so on.


The topic can also be worked by different groups of students from different educational levels and can be adapted to different kinds of schools.

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